Hockey is more than just three periods.


It’s the time you put in on non-gamedays or in-between seasons that helps make you a better player. Whether it’s on your driveway or during a practice skate, BAUER has all the tools you need to continue to develop your skating, shooting, passing, and stickhandling skills.

  • Lay the Foundation

    BAUER Training Tiles allow you to practice shooting, passing, stickhandling, and skating wherever you want, whenever you want. 
    • BAUER Synthetic Ice Tiles mimic the real feel of ice, so you can practice stickhandling and skating without damaging your skate blades. 
    • BAUER Dryland Tiles provide a safe and supportive surface that’s perfect for roller hockey skates or sneakers. 
  • Develop Your Skills

    Challenge your body and mind with unique tools that simulate in-game scenarios while pushing you to work on core strength and mechanics.
  • Train Hard, Recover, & Repeat

    Whether you’re in the gym, on the ice, or recovering at home, BAUER has you covered with the right apparel for any activity.
    • BAUER First Line Collection offers premium quality and unmatched comfort to help you succeed in training sessions and recover during days off.
    • BAUER // lululemon offers bold designs and specialized fabrics that will make this collection your go-to for everything life throws at you.
    • BAUER // OOFOS Slides help you slip into recovery the moment you step off the ice or out of the gym.


When you’re serious about hockey, you’re always looking for an edge. BAUER has you covered, from practice to game time to post-game recovery.