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Product Overview

25 years of cutting-edge innovations have led us to the best and highest performing VAPOR skate we’ve ever created. The HYPERLITE 2 skate is built for pro-level and pro-aspiring players looking for maximum quickness and unrivaled agility. With over a decade of research and development behind it, this skate features the revolutionary Powerfly Holder – specifically engineered to flex and respond to all skating situations – increasing take-off acceleration and side to side transitions, leaving opposing players in the dust in every in-game scenario.

Key Features:

- Powerfly Holder – Introducing the most-advanced blade holder on ice, backed by
decades of R&D. Completely reimagined, this holder features a stiff front post for faster acceleration, a flexible back post for quicker pivots, and a hyperbolic bridge for
increased balance and power in every stride.

- Aerolite 2.0 Tongue – Improved medial and lateral side comfort and a lightweight foam core helps keep your skates feeling good for all three periods.

- Hyperflex Technology – More flex, more speed and agility. Hyperflex Outsole and
Facing add engineered flex points into the skate to give you more ways to skate at your best.

- 3D Lasted Carbon CURV Composite – Feel the difference in your stride with Bauer-
exclusive skate technology that provides you with the support and lightweight support
you need to stand out on the ice.

- Choose Your Blade – The Hyperlite 2 skate comes with our brand new FLY-Ti steel. 

Size & Fit