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Product Overview

Meet the most advanced chest protector ever made with the name BAUER on it. The BAUER
SUPREME SHADOW Goal Chest Protector brings enhanced mobility, coverage, and protection with a new hybrid tuck belly system to keep you protected and looking large.

Key Features:
Hybrid Belly System – Never choose between tucking or untucking your chest protector ever again. The interior belly pad tucks into your pants for a snug, connected fit while the exterior pad remains untucked to be as big as possible in net.
CURV® Composite – Designed to fit seamlessly into your setup while offering protection,
CURV® Composite shoulder floaters feature loops for easy suspender integration.
Defense Cloud Tech Sternum – Absorb pucks like it’s your job with DCT Foam in the sternum for elite-level padding and protection from any shot.
Airflow Spinal 2.0 – Stay cool on the ice with increased airflow in the back pad — even if you’re on a hot streak.
HingeArm 3.0 – Mobility, meet protection. The improved HingeArm 3.0 arms delivers an
improved range of motion compared to the SUPREME MACH chest protector.

Size & Fit