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Product Overview

Better connection. Better control. Lightest Nexus ever. The best connection to your stick to make shooting, passing, and stick-handling easier.

Key benefits:

  • Responsive rubber layer from handle to blade to enhance feel and control in all situations
  • Advanced carbon fiber layers inside the stick dramatically reduce weight with added durability
  • Bauer exclusive one-piece design for consistent energy flow in every play
  • 5-sided shape removes extra material for easier flex in key loading zone


30-DAY LIMITED NORTH AMERICAN WARRANTY ON COMPOSITE STICKS If a claim is submitted within 30 days of purchase, BAUER Hockey will provide a one-time replacement of your player or goalie composite stick if damaged due to a manufacturer defect. To process your claim, Bauer requires your original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer along with the white serial number sticker affixed to the original receipt. Hand-written receipts and banking statements will not be accepted. Please keep a photocopy of your receipt for your records. Warranty claims without the required information will not be processed. Note: There is no warranty for wood or foam core sticks or replacement blades. Please also note, that warranty will be voided, if the composite stick has been used on concrete or asphalt.

The best connection to your stick for ultimate control while shooting, passing and stickhandling.


Advanced carbon layering inside the stick dramatically reduces weight without sacrificing durability.

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Better Feel

CONNECTECH technology fuses a responsive rubber layer from handle to blade to enhance feel and control in all situations.

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One-Piece Design

MONOCOMP technology is a Bauer exclusive one-piece design for unmatched energy transfer with every shot.

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Nexus Exclusive

ER SPINE Technology is a 5-sided shape that contours the hands for smoother stickhandling + removes excess carbon layers for easier stick flex while shooting.

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